About Me

The Person Behind TrueNumerologyMarina Canoj

Hi! I’m Marina Canoj, A Leading Numerologist & Life Profiler

I’ve helped seekers connect with the divine through numbers to help them lead a life of happiness and fulfillment.

With numbers as my medium, I have a unique sense of what’s happening in your life, and I can relay that information to you in a way that’s understandable, helpful, and actionable.

I fully believe that greatness is within all of us, just waiting to be accessed through divine powers and used to bring out your inner alignment towards success and happiness.

How Did I Get Into Numerology?

It was never my purpose to get into Numerology. It just happened! I was guided towards numbers by a power far greater than you can imagine and more loving than you can think.

Ever since I was a child, I had an intense desire to understand the why of life. I began with a BA in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. And after 4 years of studying, I understood that it didn’t give me all the answers I was looking for and turned out not to be my life purpose.

Although I love understanding human psychology and consulting people on their mental health, I felt that I had a deeper purpose to accomplish. And as it turned out, life had big plans ahead!

During one of my spring breaks, I visited a little shop in the neighborhood and found a book on Numerology. I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of me coming to understand the why to life and helping people be in the present moment.

What Makes My Approach To Numerology Different?

Ask yourself how many people in the world are born the same day, month, and year with the same name as you? This is how specific a life profiler can be for you.

For myself, numbers reflect the essence of life, which drives the past, present, and future. Numbers captivate me, as a true-life obsession. And whether in math or Numerology – they simply add up, which provides for results that are honest and trustworthy.

If any aspects of your life are underutilized or are lacking your attention, a Life Profiler Chart can help you reflect on what’s happening around you and the best way to respond to any challenges ahead.

What Are The Benefits Of Numerology?

For some, it’s the best way to find business or career advice. Others come for consultation because they feel overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, or sadness. And some just want guidance, so that they can confidently make important decisions throughout their life journey.

We all have a purpose in life, and Numerology can encourage you to move forward in the best possible way and fulfill your life’s meaning.

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