Angel Number 141 And What It Means

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Angel numbers are believed to be digits that you might come across often during your day. It could occur to you in your dreams, or maybe even during a casual stroll in the park. For instance, suppose you keep coming across the number 141 in your daily routine. You see it when you switch your TV on, or when you go to the supermarket, or even at your friend’s place. These numbers are considered angelic and are thought to have a meaning to them.

In most faiths and religions, especially Semitic ones, there is a widely accepted belief in angels. Angels are thought of as holy spirits who look over us throughout our lifetime and record our deeds as they take place. There is also another set of angels, known as guardian angels, that are believed to protect us from all harm.

They look over us and keep us away from adversity to the best of their abilities. Even though they aren’t as cemented of a belief as to the existence of angels, angel numbers are considered to be numbers that are deliberately shown to you by guardian angels to inform you about certain situations, depending on the number you come across.

Angel Number 141 Meaning & Symbolism

Now, angel numbers could indicate a warning of something bad about to happen, or could also bring glad-tidings your way. If you’ve been experiencing the number 141 in your life recently, you should relax, because it mostly brings positive news for you.

When the guardian angel assigned to you shows you the number 141 throughout your day, it means to tell you that your life is going to be filled with success and happiness. You need not worry about what’s to come, because it will eventually all fall in your favor. The number 141 assures you that you’ll be acquainted with positivity and victory in your lifetime. However, all that success will not happen if you’re going to restrain yourself and lock up your potential in a cage.

The number 141 signals a suggestion of letting go; let go of all your fear and hesitation. Let go of any second-thoughts holding you back from reaching your goals and your destiny. You need to conquer your self-conscience and take a leap of faith into the outside world. This number assures you that you don’t have anything to worry about and that you should open your wings and let them loose to fully soar high to most of your abilities. However, even though the number indicates that you should fly high, you should also remind yourself to not get ahead of yourself.

Success will come your way, but you’ll need to put in the necessary work as well. The number 141 is your guarantee to freedom, but only if you’ve worked hard enough for it. You should be keeping objectives in your life that you know you can achieve. If you aim to build a house on Mars, you should be prepared to have your expectations fall short. Hence, you should keep tangible goals so that your disappointment stays at a minimum, and that you get rewarded at the end of the day for all your efforts.

Rocks will be thrown at you constantly on your path, but you’ll have to stay persistent with all your will. You need to stay determined and focused and have your eyes set on the final prize. When you face lows in your life, just remember that it’s all a part of the journey. A skyscraper doesn’t get to its magnificent form without first needing to have bricks lain down for it. Take the first step, and keep taking it one step at a time; for when you reach your destination, you won’t even feel the hardships that you bore on your journey.

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Connection of 141 with Personal Bonds

You’ll come across countless people, and will share different bonds with each of them. Although you might come across as someone who can be very approachable and charismatic, the number 141 means to tell you that you’ll need to be careful about how you approach such situations.

Your words are like a double-edged sword: they can be highly motivational, but they can also cause serious damage when not used mindfully. Keep hold of your tongue, and think twice before you speak, as you might spew out a hurtful statement unconsciously and break a person’s heart. If you repeatedly see the number 141, it’s a reminder to start looking after your loved ones. Walk that extra mile for them, and make them feel wanted and loved at all times.

You might also come across a sudden surge of emotions during the day, but you’ll have to control them and not engage in conversation with anyone before you get a hold of yourself. You’ll be walking on thin ice if you do approach someone during such a time, and might end up hurting someone. Hence, just keep faith in your guardian angels, and allow your feelings to flow openly and live for the good in life. Give that random stranger a compliment, and you might make their day. Bring a positive change in the people around you, because you can.


There are many angel numbers present with various meanings to them, but 141, for the most part, asks you to keep pushing on with your life and never back down. No matter how many times you’re knocked over, get up, and show everyone what you’re made of. Seeing 141 around you lets you know that you’re a special person for the guardian angel and that you’re destined for greatness, as long as you put in the required effort for it; but along with all that, you’re also gifted with the responsibility of changing people’s lives, for the good or for the bad. Your actions will determine which path you should take. No matter what happens, always remember that you don’t fail when you’re knocked down, you fail when you give up.