Angel Number 142 And What It Means

The Angel Number 142 may seem like a random number you would never notice. It is not as eye-catching as 11:11 on a digital clock or 1234 as the 4 last digits of an important phone number.

You may be reading this because 142 is “persistent” enough to appear in your life that you begin to take notice. Or you’ve started a business, and the very first sale you made was a total of $142. Have you begun to take notice as you’re invited multiple times to a 142 address as part of a recruitment process?

Whatever the case, your gut’s telling you this is a significant number you should remember.

What does Angel Number 142 mean?

Any number sequence that you keep seeing is very likely to be an Angel Number. They are numbers brought to your attention by your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. These important positive messages are:

  • This is a moment of self-development and self-growth. You are about to evolve as a person for the better. If you are learning new skills, this new knowledge will ‘refine’ your entire being. You will be equipped with the practical skills, knowledge, and experience needed.
  • Objectivity and a balanced perspective will be beneficial for you at this time. Don’t be afraid to ask trusted loved ones for advice and support.
  • Remain optimistic and envision the future you want. Visualization activates manifestation.
  • Know that you are on a path to help humanity at a spiritual level. Don’t doubt yourself. Though your job is not spirituality-related, in your own unique way you help humanity as a whole. In ways that you don’t even realize.

Breaking Down the Meanings Behind the Digits

Now let’s break down these three digits:

  • The Number 1 usually represents: a seed, a start, a general sense of newness, impulses, awareness, being in charge, good luck, ideas, independence, initiator, innovator, invitation to take action, mental power, a new job, meeting new people, an urge, willpower, the Sun, and the color gold
  • The Number 4 symbolizes: certainty, clarity, agility, alternatives of risk-taking, base of stability, order, basic structure, being present, conservatism, endurance, establishment, foundation, grace, groundedness, organization, orientation, power of growth, practicality, relaxation, satiation, security, solidity, the planet Uranus (creative, eccentric, electric), and iridescent blues and green-blue/turquoise colors
  • The meanings of Number 2 include: choices, cleansing, being at crossroads, being in a partnership, balancing priorities, communications, community, dual purposes, harmony, ideas and plans taking shape, integration, manifestation, mirroring purification, refinement, solidification, something added to the equation, two sides, the half-circle, togetherness, twins, two aspects of life, two unifying as one, two life paths, the Moon, and the color gold

1 + 4 + 2 = 7 (spirituality, The Divine, preparedness, contemplation, decisions, introspection)

We have the number of refinement (Number 2) and the quality of being down-to-earth (Number 4) together. Remain grounded and in-touch with your surroundings.

Angel Number 142’s Meanings in Context

In Platonic/Familial Relationships

The number 2 in 142 is a number that urges objectivity in all dealings. Listen to others and be balanced in your assessments and decision-making.

Tastes, habits, or ambitions may threaten the stability of a relationship or finances. Make sure you live within your means. Angel Number 142 urges you to be optimistic and positive in dealing with life challenges. All angel numbers do. Refrain from telling yourself or a family member, “you can’t have this, we can’t do that, I can’t afford this.” Instead, train yourself and your family members to think in more optimistic terms. For example: View limitations as mere delays.

However, Angel Number 142 doesn’t always concern finances. Career ambitions may threaten work-and-life and the stability of your family unit too. Make sure you are spending enough time with your children. Visit elderly relatives more frequently.

Since Angel Number 142 reduces to 7, a focus on spiritual matters may require your attention.

In Romantic Relationships

You are being urged to address tensions concerning individuality, partnership, and maintaining stability.

The number 4 is about conservatism and “home,” while the number 1 is about individuality. In these swiftly-changing times, it’s hard to know what kind of lifestyle would best fit our values. Were you brought up in a relaxed manner and your partner had a strict/traditional upbringing? Or you both come from differing cultures and backgrounds? You may have to make compromises on what you can deem “acceptable.” Find the middle ground. Don’t be afraid to adapt within reason.

Don’t allow differences of background make you doubt whether you’re with the right person. Angel Number 142 is telling you that your relationship will be fine if you work on it. Be optimistic and focus on an optimistic outcome. Nothing good comes easy, and the things that we gain effortlessly take effort to maintain. This includes relationships.

In Business and Career

The number 2 in 142 urges you to look at the sides of the same coin and maintain balance:

  • You could have recently taken a second side job in a field you are passionate about.
  • You could be thinking about selling fusion food, mixing two cultures into your dishes.
  • Do you run an upscale business, and you want to add a second line catering to a younger audience on a budget? Or are you trying to introduce more high-end products/services to your line of products?

It may be impossible to please everyone but try your best to cater to as wide an audience as possible. Do your research on conservatism and the traditional (number 4). If you focus on classic products, will they have a stronger potential to endure trends?

Keep in mind that the number 4 is about structure and stability. Establish a clear distinction between the “two worlds” you’re balancing. Have a clear vision and structure. Stay within those boundaries at the business level, while also remaining creatively inspired. Balance discipline and creativity. The number 1 is saying that by sticking within a clear structure, you will be on your way to becoming a market leader.

If you are thinking of an expansion, 142 warns against alienating your core audience. Don’t forget those who helped you rise toward the top when you were starting out.

In job-hunting, your experiences or sophistication will come in handy. Remember to stay down-to-earth. This combination between 4’s groundedness and expertise will be your selling point.

Remember that in the end of the day, 1 + 4 + 2 reduces to 7 (a spiritual number). This is a reminder to treat everybody as equals. Regardless of financial status, social class, or job title, treat people well.


This is an auspicious number if you are applying to a university or academic institution. You could see it as your score in an aptitude test, exam venue address, or the office number of an academic advisor.

As expected, you will learn new knowledge and skills during the course of your studies. But what’s special here is, your upbringing will be especially beneficial for you in your studies. It will be positive—whether you’re gaining a degree to continue your family’s business, or studying a vocational skill far-removed from your background. Your life experiences will positively inform your decision-making. Your upbringing may also ‘contribute’ to your field.

For example, you’re inspired to become a doctor due to an experience of illness in your family. Or, if you’re training to be a chef; your humble background may find ways to make haute cuisine more accessible to the masses, uniting communities. Whatever the case, your choice of studies/career is a spiritual calling.

What should you do when you see Angel Number 142?

  1. Focus on the numbers and the meanings of the numbers 142 and 7. Thank your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides for their kind message. Always focus on how you can help unite humanity.
  2. Meditate on drive, unity, cooperation, structure, values, spirituality, and higher purpose. You can use the keywords as your mantras or include them in your prayers.
  3. No matter what hurdles you face, remain optimistic, and visualize the future you want. Visualization helps manifestation. Use the positive messages of 147 as your affirmations.

Happy manifesting, and stay optimistic.