Angel number 2020 and what it means

Obviously, we would have seen Angel Number 2020 during the year 2020 quite often, if not every day. In the years that follow we’ll likely continue seeing it, considering its historical significance.

So how would you know whether you’re looking at an Angel number or you’re just seeing a year?

This is an important question to ask since most of us know that 2020 was an incredibly significant, impactful year. Many events happened in many countries. We saw a pandemic, civil, and political unrest in multiple countries around the world, elections.

To distinguish an Angel Number with a date is by being mindful of the context of the number when it is being shown to you. For example, let’s say in the course of 24 hours you see 2020 multiple times. On a license plate, as the boarding/arrival time of your plane, a mobile phone number, odometer, and then at the train station. If in every single case none of them is a reference to the year, then you are likely seeing an Angel Number. The more unlikely something is a reference to the year, the more likely it is to be an Angel Number. You may walk past building #2020, and the building was built in the 19th century. If you see 2020 in this manner repeatedly it is very significant.

What does Angel Number 2020 mean?

When you are being shown an Angel Number, it is a sign that your Guardian Angels are trying to get in touch with you. Their messages to you are:

  • You are transforming and cleansing at a spiritual level. You are likely also embarking in a new beginning. The number 2 in numerology is about cleansing and purification. While the number 0 is often representative of starting over spirituality and continuous cycles. You have or will start new habits pertaining to spirituality. You could meditate more often or more purposefully. You may begin working with certain crystals or do candle work. Perhaps you see 2020 just after you’ve lit up a smudge stick/Palo Santo or cleansed your living area in some way, shape, or form.
  • A change in your life may have occurred recently, and you perhaps had to start over from the ground up. If this is the case, seeing 2020 is a message from your Guardian Angels who are letting you know that there’s no need to worry. Stability will come into your life, just keep working on establishing that foundation and rebuilding your life after this significant change. This does not only apply to those who are going through negative change. But also, to those going through positive change. Sometimes when we’ve lived through hardship for a long time, we become incapable of accepting the Universe’s blessings. Perhaps at a subconscious level, you believe that you are undeserving of the abundance that is coming your way. This is common for those who were in a negative relationship or grew up with a family that was hard to live with. Now that you are in a healthy relationship, you’re still constantly on your toes—just expecting the other shoe to drop. Perhaps you are being too cautious to enjoy life to the fullest. Let your guard down and get settled in your new life. Your Guardian Angels are telling you to stop thinking negative thoughts. Don’t fret or think negative thoughts about losing it all. Negative thoughts manifest into reality. You must focus on the positives, dreams, and aspirations.
  • One aspect to consider is that 2020 as a year marked the beginning of a new decade and a very historically-significant year. Think about the many events that occurred during 2020, and think about the ways that it transformed your life. Think about the changes that occurred in the way we live and interact with one another. What stands out to you? As with many Angel Numbers, it is important to feel things out and listen to your intuition when you see it. Pay attention to what stood out the most for you in the year 2020, and you may just find a clue to which area of life seeing this Angel Number will affect you.

Breaking Down the Meanings Behind the Digits

Now let’s break down these four digits:

  • The number 0 in numerology has the following esoteric meanings: absoluteness, advises to listen to your higher-self, beginnings, the “Self”, neutralizing, flow, eternity/infinity, continuous cycles, allness, mysticism, spirituality, restart, the missing pieces, and is associated with the mysterious transformative planet: Pluto
  • Number 2 represents the following concepts/ideas: choices and balance, being at crossroads, partnership/connected, polarity, refinement, cleansing/purification, communications, duality, guarding secrets, manifestation, mirroring, two becoming one, it also associated with the Moon’s yin (feminine) energy
  • The Master Number 22 in numerology is: the “Master Builder” number which represents confidence, contains the number 4’s disciplined/methodical and practical nature, and is a number of manifesting goals into concrete/tangible realities

Because the 2’s and 0’s repeat twice, these numbers’ energies are doubled/amplified. It is therefore considered a variation of the Master Number 22.

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4 (foundation of stability, a stabilising energy, recuperation, sufficiency, and structure)

2020 Meanings in Context

In Platonic/Familial Relationships

This is an incredibly positive sign. Considering number 2 is a sign of partnerships and relationships, while the number 4 is the number of stability and foundation, this is lucky. Number 2 is the sign of personal wealth as well as values. These values are a key focus at the moment, for example, you could question certain spiritual values and exploring other values. You may be working on instilling and passing on values to your children.

Now, the number 4 is also a number of families and celebrations. If a family member recently became engaged, this may signify their wedding. If you are somehow involved in the planning/preparation of the wedding, this could indicate plans coming together. Or this could be a large family reunion or simply an upcoming holiday.

In Romantic Relationships

This area of life where seeing 2020 is considered very positive since 2 is the number of relationships. This Angel Number reduces to the number 4. Usually, the number 4 is associated with stability, security, and foundation. So, for example, if you are still dating casually, this could be a sign that you both are thinking about becoming more committed.

If you are single, this could indicate that you will soon meet your next partner (or the person you will meet—if you are open and ready to meeting somebody new. This will likely be somebody who will settle into routines quite seamlessly with you. This is due to the fact that you both share the same habits, hobbies, or the same values. This is generally a good omen number, having a solid foundation for a relationship to flourish.

In Business and Career

The number 2 indicates that the business contacts and work relationships that you make and nourish during the course of your career. Seeing 2020 is an indication that those relationships are key to creating a stable and secure foundation for your future. Make sure that you maintain these relationships, and even if/when you differ in values try to seek a middle ground. The number 2 represents values and personal wealth. You could have either very similar or very different views on socioeconomic or business issues. Be on the same page. If this is impossible, agree to disagree. Secure your business relationships to ensure a secure future.


You will benefit through friendships/relationships that you develop in an educational setting. Your career advisor at your school or a teacher could become a lifelong mentor. Some of your classmates might become business partners in the future. Together, you could end up becoming business partners after graduation, etc.

The only advice your Guardian Angels have for you is advice to avoid complacency. Be a lifelong learner, a perpetual student. You will want to keep up on progress and updates in your field. Only by staying on top of new developments in your field, you will strengthen your already solid foundation for your future career.

What should you do when you see Angel Number 2020?

  1. Focus on the numbers and the meanings of the numbers 2020 as well as 4. Thank your Guardian Angels for their support and for the positive enlightening messages.
  2. You can meditate or pray with a focus on the vibrations of 2, 0, and 4 (focus on partnerships, security, and solid foundations).
  3. Make sure you keep the peace with everybody around you, nourish relationships. Don’t take for granted the relationships you already have in your life.

Happy manifesting and enjoy the friendships and support in your life.