Angel Number 311 and What It Means

One way that this number may catch your attention, depending on which country you live in, it reminds people of emergency numbers. For example, in some countries, the emergency number maybe 112, 118, or 911. What this number reminds you of may carry significance as to what it will mean to you personally. It is also reminiscent of the slang term “411,” which means “relevant information” in certain languages as it is the information hotline.

You may see this at 3:11 AM as well as PM if you use the 12-hour system. Perhaps you may spot this as part of a URL on the Internet. You may see this repeated on a social media profile as the number of somebody’s posts, amount of subscribers, etc. Perhaps you have 311 posts, 311 followers, and you also follow 311 accounts. This may be the sum on the bill during a very important dinner lunch meeting. Or perhaps dinner with somebody you feel might play an important role in your life. As with any other Angel Number, this can also be a taxi serial number, hotel room number, or printed on your travel ticket.

Pay attention to how you feel and what you think when you see 311 for clues as to how it may be relevant to you.

What does Angel Number 311 mean?

Angel Numbers are usually numbers that are somehow designed to be eye-catching to humans. These are messages from our Guardian Angels, as this is how our Guardian Angels communicate with us. To catch our attention, they may appear to us as repetitions. Sometimes they mirror each other. Other times they are simply a unique combination of numbers. The pattern of these numbers may indicate that the energy in each of those numbers’ energies is doubled or amplified. In which case, you should pay special attention to these energies contained in the messages. The messages for 311 are:

  • Seeing Angel Number 311 may signify the beginning of an exciting change in your life. As with Angel Number 1333, this Angel Number contains Numbers 3 and 1 (or Master Number 11). However, the difference is that Angel Number 311 reduces to Number 5, which represents change. Number 3 represents early education, our closest community, family members who are within our age group (such as cousins and siblings). A change may occur in one of those areas. Or you could see some change when it comes to creative endeavors. You could see any of your creative endeavors begin to start bearing fruit.
  • Angel Number 311 advises you to nurture your spiritual life. Number 3 can indicate the act of nurturing or being nourished. It is also closely linked to feminine energy, the energy of the planet Venus, and being close to nature. While Master Number 11 that follows is 3 indicates your being protected by your Spirit Guides and other Light Beings. As well, you are being guided by the Ascended Masters. Perhaps you haven’t been around or in nature for quite a while, or you’re going through some hardships in your life. While being in nature may not necessarily solve your problems, your Guardian Angels are nudging you in that direction. Being in nature will help soothe and calm you. It will help you become leading to you being more level-headed in dealing with your challenges. It may also lead to spiritual enlightenment since 11 is the most spiritually intuitive among the Master Numbers. Perhaps by being in nature, you will be better trained to listen to your own intuition and trust your inner voice.

Breaking Down the Meanings Behind the Digits

Now let’s break down these three digits:

  • In Angel Numerology, the Number 3 may represent: action, birth, celebrations, co-creating, collaboration, coworking, a child from marriage, creation, and creativity, criticism, development process, expansion, exploration, flow, grandiosity, growth, harmony, pregnancies, procedure, and the lucky jovial planet Jupiter
  • Number 1 in numerology could mean any of these things: a sense of newness, a new quest, an idea’s seed, a start, impulse, awareness, being in charge, dynamism, and yang (masculine) energy of the Sun

3 + 1 + 1 = 5 (acquisition of new knowledge/resources, advises against complacency, and openness to change, successful action, swift action, Mercury—the planet of communication)

Master Number 11 is also significant for the deciphering of this particular Angel Number. Please also check out our article on Master Number 11 for more information as to why this is such a significant Angel Number. It will help you understand the significance of Master Number 11 in Angel Number 311.

311 Meanings in Context

In Platonic/Familial Relationships

In the context of platonic and family relationships, you could be focused on the early education of the very young members of your family. Or, you may be focused on the relationships you have with friends or family members within your age group. This could be your siblings or your cousins. Seeing this Angel Number advises you that you are being guided through a spiritual path. And you may find the information and knowledge that is required to reach that level of enlightenment by seeking advice. In particular, from your siblings and cousins. Or, you could indirectly learn some life lessons from the experiences of your friends.

Another meaning of the Number 3 is “direct environment.” This could be the country, religion/system-of-belief, town, or community that you were born into. Perhaps you have abandoned certain traditions that now leave you feeling lost. Your Guardian Angels are letting you know that if you reembrace your childhood and celebrate your memories. You may find something of value there.

In Romantic Relationships

In the context of romantic relationships, seeing Angel Number 311 is an indication that you and your partner may be going through a change. This change could be with regards to your direct living environment or your spiritual life. Perhaps one of you has decided to live in an ashram, for example. If this is the case, your Guardian Angels are advising you to embark on that spiritual journey together. You will be more effective if you go on that spiritual learning path as a team.

Another situation that you could be facing is a change in your residence. Your Guardian Angels are letting you know that if there are certain tensions that arise from this new relocation, fret not. Because your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are here to guide you through the process, you will soon adapt to this change together.

In Business and Career

Seeing Angel Number 311 may indicate that you will be a force of change in your industry. Whether you are an employee, working as an individual on your career, or you are a business owner. You will have a great impact on your industry. You will create positive change through what you have to offer to your direct community, your neighborhood. Also, seeing this Angel Number is advice from your Spirit Guides that the best way to build your business is by nourishing your employees spiritually. Make them feel like a part of a family. Nurturing and treating them like family.


Angel Number 311 is a very, very relevant Angel Number to see if you are currently focused on education issues. Number 3 itself represents early education and foundational knowledge. So, if you are embarking on a new academic beginning, this is the number for you! For example, if you have just been enrolled in a new educational program. Your Guardian Angels are letting you know that you will have the protection and guidance of the Ascended Masters. Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are also there to give you helping hands during this time.

Master Number 11 represents the approach to life that the Ascended Masters took. If you are not yet aware of who the Ascended Masters are/were and what they represent, feel free to read our General Overview of Master Numbers. The basics of the Ascended Masters are included in that article. You are being asked to emulate the energy and the approach to life that these Ascended Masters took in their own lives. Focus on being selfless and look at the bigger picture even while you are focused on the nitty-gritty aspects of your life.

What should you do when you see Angel Number 311?

  1. Focus on the Numbers and the meanings of Numbers 3, 1, and Master Number 11.
  2. You can incorporate these numbers in your meditations or prayers, with a focus on the vibrations of these numbers. These Numbers do contain vibrations our Angels and Guides send your way. Use the positive messages you’ve learned as your affirmations.
  3. Thank your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides for their kind message.

Happy manifesting and best of luck with all your spiritual as well as material endeavors.