Angel Number 717 And What It Means

Angel Number 717 is a number that you may notice as 7:17 on a digital clock, 717 likes, or as part of a URL. It can be any type of notification, anywhere on mobile phones. In extreme cases, it can even be the number of new incoming emails after, for example, a product launch or a big event. This number may appear when you are overwhelmed by the amount of communications you need to respond to.

If you’re on your way somewhere, you might see this as a license plate number, an odometer on your rental car, or a hotel room number. It can be the number of miles you have to travel. It may have financial significance if you see it on an invoice or bill.

Depending on the context, seeing any Angel Number will usually be something significant. Pay attention to where you saw it, what time you saw it, and how you felt when you saw it. This will help you figure out what message your Angel Guardian Angels want you to receive.

What does Angel Number 717 mean?

As with many Angel numbers with repeating numbers, their energies are amplified. And in this case, we have mirroring numbers where 7’s reflect each other with a number one in the middle. These are the meanings of Angel Number 717:

  • Regain your sense of self. You are a unique individual full of inspiration and ideas. Your Spirit Guides are reassuring you that you have the leadership skills it takes to lead a project, a team, start a business, etc.
  • Find your spiritual identity. Oftentimes we conform to whatever system of belief that we were raised with. Seeing this Angel Number encourages you to go on an individual path of self-discovery. What kind of spiritual life do you envision for yourself? What kind of spiritual habits do you want to develop? Do you want to start meditating daily? Do you want to learn certain spiritual skills? Do you want to start incorporating incense or crystals into your spiritual rituals? Ask yourself what is important for you spiritually. What is your spiritual purpose in life? What do you want your personal life’s mission to be?
  • Self-reflection will be required. Again, there is a major focus on spirituality as well as your identity as an individual. Have conversations with yourself. Are you doubting yourself? Are you questioning your own wants or needs? Are you worried about being more open about your spiritual beliefs in fear of resistance from others? What do you genuinely believe and want, versus what were you conditioned to want and believe from your upbringing? Are you burdened by peer pressure from your community? Up until this point, perhaps you simply ran on autopilot to conform. Now is the time to actively ask yourself what feels right for you.

Breaking Down the Meanings Behind the Digits

Now let’s break down these three digits:

  • the number 1’s main meanings are: people, newness, opportunities, optimism, potentials, preparation, individuality, the “Self,” purest form of a suit’s energy, represents the potential of the whole suit/court, mental power, new beginnings, it is also associated with the Sun’s masculine/yang energy
  • while number 7 is about: assessment, being prepared, contemplation, self-consciousness, self-evaluation, reassessment, reflection, evolving, fate, it is considered the number of perfection, and it is associated with the planet of dreams, fantasies, and illusions: Neptune

Note how both the numbers 1 and 7 both are associated with the “Self” somehow but from different sides of the “Self.” The number one is about the self in an individualistic sense. Meanwhile, number 7 is about self-evaluation, self-reflection, and self-assessment. The mirroring 7’s is a strong message to reflect on what is happening within you—especially in a spiritual sense.

7 + 1 + 7 = 15 (represents the Full Moon, the duration of Lunar cycle and the day of the Full Moon)

1 + 5 = 6 (harmony, a love of peace, give and take, balance, beauty, growth)

717 Meanings in Context

In Platonic/Familial Relationships

Angel number 717 is important in determining your position in your community/family—even your extended family. Dig deeper and distinguish between the things that you genuinely believe in versus what you were conditioned to believe in. Look back to your upbringing, the community you grew up in, your early life. Do you want to pass these on to your own children? (You may also be considering ways to provide your children with spiritual knowledge and instill in them the spiritual values you believe in.)

The number 7 may represent some resistance. Try to avoid conflict as best you can. This includes inner-conflict that may arise as you begin to understand what you want versus what you think you want based on societal norms.

In Romantic Relationships

Seeing 717 indicates the need to keep the peace. It also advises you to also let your guard down, avoid defensiveness.

Healing relationship issues will require wisdom and spiritual depth. Develop a sense of selflessness and a deep understanding and empathy of your other half.

The number 1 in the middle represents a possibility that one of you is becoming more dominant, perhaps even both. Any disagreements concerning your spiritual beliefs should be dealt with calmly. Unwind together, meditate together, figure it out as a couple.

In Business and Career

The number 7 is about determination. To support that energy, the number 1 is about manifestation, action, and being proactive. In addition, number 1 is also about leadership, originality, and innovation. All these energies are nicely balanced by an amplified 7 in 717.

Here you have all the positive traits of number 1, which will get you very far in business. At the same time, you have the number 7, which equips you with a spiritual viewpoint in decision-making. Your Guardian Angels are asking that when you make decisions, make them at a spiritual level. Don’t ignore the bottom line and your productivity, but also consider the human impact of your decision. Who will this impact? How will they be affected? Will this improve people’s lives? The more you can improve the livelihoods for others or create jobs, the more fulfilling your job will be for you.


If you have just embarked on a journey to learn Spirituality or the Esoteric Arts, you will take lessons from your past life into this life. Retained subconscious memories from your past life still inform your decisions as an individual in this current life. Life lessons you learn during this lifetime will further evolve your Soul. So, pay attention to any signs, as you could see clues of the karmic lessons learned in your previous life. Don’t repeat those mistakes.

Perhaps you should focus your studies on past life regression, work on neutralizing your karma.

The number 1 usually indicates independent thoughts. Your learning style in the spiritual realm may be a little nonconformist. This is helpful because the less you are influenced by fellow humans on the Earth plane, the better you will be connected with Source. You will be more open to receiving pure spiritual downloads and intuitive insights.

If you are not a student of spirituality, incorporate and consider the spiritual impact of your studies for humanity. You may feel as though the subject you are studying has no real positive contribution to the greater good. This is not true. Every profession and field of study has a purpose. Even if you feel like it doesn’t, consider doing charity work or volunteering in your free time.

What should you do when you see Angel Number 717?

  1. Focus on the numbers and the meanings of the numbers 717, 1, and 6. Mainly focus on the balancing and peace-loving energies of the number 6. Thank your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides for their reminder and encouragement.
  2. You can meditate or pray with a focus on spiritual awakening. Also, try to initiate contact with your Guardian Angels, you can find out how to do this simply by searching for information about this online. Be open to receiving their guidance and keep an open, independent mind.
  3. Use the positive messages you’ve learned as your affirmations. For example: “I am spiritually awakened,” “I am a peace lover,” “I am connected to Source,” etc.

Wishing you the best of luck in your spiritual development as well as in every other aspect of your life.