Angel number 888 and what it means

The number 8 has a reputation for being an auspicious number. This is due to its close resemblance to the Infinity symbol. Because it is such a popular number, it can be hard to tell whether we’re looking at an Angel Number or not when we see 888.

In certain cultures, the number 8 is associated with prosperity and wealth. As such, anyone who can afford to have a custom license plate made or order a mobile phone number will probably want to add lucky numbers. Example: Let’s say you work with a boss who has 888 on his license plate number and it’s parked in front of your place of work every single day. Then maybe seeing this number is less significant than if you boarded a plane on your first business trip ever and you see it on your boarding pass.

So be mindful of distinguishing whether you are looking at something that was deliberate. If you have lunch at the “Happy Ramen 88” every day, maybe it is not that significant. However, if you have 88% battery power left on your mobile phone right before an important meeting—then, yes, it is probably an Angel Number.

Since the number 8 is a symbol of financial abundance, seeing this number as part of a price tag, on a bill/invoice, or on your calculator is good luck.

What does Angel Number 888 mean?

Considering 888 (triple 8) would be harder to spot than, say, 88% on your mobile phone’s battery, your Guardian Angels probably have a very important message to relay your way. These messages are:

  • Growth and prosperity are coming your way. If you have been working particularly hard, you will begin to see results, and these results involve overflowing abundance. Especially if you’ve put in the hours to develop and polish the skills of your craft. If others try to sabotage your hard work or try to prevent you from receiving the success and rewards you are entitled to, those blocks will be removed.
  • It will be through cooperation and working together in harmony that you will achieve your abundance. The key to your success is great teamwork. If you are a perfectionist, you may be tempted to work all alone as it may be hard for you to accept delegating. But as you advance and begin dealing with more complicated and substantive matters, you may want to begin doing just that. Think about the team. Be a team player. The more selfless you are, the more you will benefit. Give another person a chance to shine. Just maintain a mindset of benefiting the community, and your positive energy will boomerang right back towards you. The more genuinely selfless you are the more you will benefit.
  • Ensure that you maintain peace with those in your community. For example, if you have many competitors in your field, rather than competing aggressively to get ahead, support each other. Get together for the benefit of the community. In the end, you will thank yourself for doing this. The invaluable camaraderie with your group will help you all cope when unexpected challenges come your way. Build that sense of community around you.

Breaking Down the Meanings Behind the Digits

Now let’s break down these three digits:

  • Some of the numerological meanings of the number 8 are: discovery, effort, entrepreneurial energies, abundance, esoterically is understood to be a combination between the stability/security/structure of 4 + 4, starting from scratch, work opportunities, mastery, and it is associated with the planet of responsibilities: Saturn
  • Some relevant meanings of the number 3 for this Angel Number include: co-creating, collaboration, coworking, creative ventures, and creative drive, action/results, new births and growth, celebrations, social interactions, harmony, continuity, infinity, justice, strength, and is associated with the planet Jupiter (which is the planet of abundance and luck)

Unlike many Angel Numbers that quadruple a single digit, such as 11:11 or repeat two digits (see 0808) these numbers are amplified threefold. The meaning of three itself is also significant here.

8 + 8 + 8 = 24

2 + 4 = 6 (benevolence, charity, peace/harmony, a situation that is in its middle phase)

It is also worth noting that number 6, which 888 reduces to, is the opposite of 9. The number 6 is about needing to be giving/receiving, while the number 9 is about independence. They reconcile when the 9 energy only needs to give but does not demand to receive. A situation is near completion. It also represents the yin/yang energies uniting.

888 Meanings in Context

In Platonic/Familial Relationships

You are abundant in at least three ways in your life. You could be abundant monetarily, enjoy a family life that is rich with tradition, and then you could also be intellectually abundant. You may also have a wide network of family-friends to support you. Perhaps your family engages in intellectual pursuits together. This can be your family’s tradition. Through these intellectual pursuits and lessons learned at home, the younger generation will make its mark.

As long as you are grateful and never take these things for granted, they will continue. If you own a shop or you work from home, ensure that your family’s needs are taken care of. Don’t allow the tensions at your workplace to spill through to your personal life.

In Romantic Relationships

As we know the number 8 resembles the number of infinity, continuity, prosperity, and growth. Now obviously this is a very positive sign for anybody currently focused on their relationship. Seeing 888 is an indication that your relationship will continue to grow, develop, and you will be together for eternity. Also, together you are a great match as a team. You can create abundance together. Whether it is because you are both great earners, or in some other way. Another possibility is one of you is the earner, while the other person is very financially wise/savvy. You may find that you enjoy living a certain similar lifestyle that is very beneficial to your finances.

In Business and Career

If you find there are 888 new emails in your inbox following a vacation or views on a product demo video you uploaded, your Guardian Angels have the following message for you:

Find those who have much in common with you and band together. So, for example, join a Workers’ Union, an association, or a business chamber. You will benefit from teaming up others within your industry. Even if you and your neighboring shops sell similar items, get together. Healthy competition is fine but avoid engaging in cutthroat work culture. Ensuring that you get along with your coworkers/neighbors will benefit you threefold instead. Your community will be invaluable during unexpectedly challenging times. During pandemics, natural disasters, or political unrest, you will need this support system. It is by nourishing your partnerships and keeping the peace that you will achieve the abundance you desire at the workplace.

Remember that 8 x 3 = 24 (2 is a number of partnership/cooperation, number 4 is all about setting a stable foundation, stability, and security in any aspect of your life). It is also a number of celebrations. Now 2 + 4 = 6 which is a number of benevolences, harmony, and maintaining peace. Be generous, kind, and understanding. If you have employees with limitations or disabilities, ensure their needs are met.


Apart from being a sign of being a lifelong student, 888 promises that the time and energy you put into learning will pay off financially. Number 3 represents early education and your local surroundings. This would be your neighborhood, your town/city, and short-distance travel. So, in an educational context, you could have an interest in early education. Perhaps you major in psychology and do research on early development. Or you could go back to your roots and study something connected with your heritage. Whatever your choice may be, they will contribute to your growth. Eventually, it will lead to prosperity—both intellectually and monetarily. You will also have quite a rich inner-life.

What should you do when you see Angel Number 888?

  1. Focus on the numbers and energies of 888, as well as 3 and 6. Thank your Guardian Angels for this very kind message.
  2. You can meditate or pray with a focus on these vibrations of community, cooperation, peace, and harmony. Use related affirmations anytime you are tempted to get ahead without considering the needs and wants of others. Rebalance your karma by giving more.
  3. Use the positive messages you’ve learned as your affirmations. You can also write down 888 for good luck in manifesting. You can write it in your planner/notebook as writing solidifies the energies. Literally carrying it with you helps you manifest, as the energies literally follow you.

Happy manifesting and wishing you all the abundance, prosperity, and growth.