Best Numerology Resources

Best Numerology Resources

So what’s in a number?

According to numerology – a lot!

Numerology is the analysis of numbers, the most popular is the numbers of the date of your birth and the numerical value of the letters of the alphabet in your name. But you can use numerology to analyze any word or phrase or anything. Each number has a different meaning and learning about numerology can provide great insight.

One interesting thing I learned while taking a class about numerology is that you can adapt your name a bit, perhaps use a nickname or your full name, and this actually changes your numerology numbers – because you are given different numbers for your full name, for your nickname and for just about any other combination of words you were to approach with numerology.

So according to numerology, by being open to using a nickname or your full name – you could change the energies in your life and attract different things. Six, for example, is a wonderful number if you wish to attract love. Eight is a terrific number if you wish to be successful in business and finance. So if you could change your name to be a six or an eight, you would have more success with either of those. It is a very interesting concept to consider. Some people have gone out and created entirely new names for themselves using numerology.

You can use numerology to analyze anything that interests you. Your street address has a numerological value. Your work address has a numerological value. You can do a numerology chart on your boss, on your co-workers. You can do a chart for each of your children. Numerology charts are very interesting and they can be quite insightful.