Karmic Lessons Calculator

Calculate Numerology Karma Name Diagram: Missing Numbers in Birth Name Create Karmic Cause and Effect

Numerology is based upon the concept that all numbers related to one’s life can be reduced and simplified to a single number. Every person has a special number that influences and controls his or her life.

Karmic Law Cause and Effect in Numerology

Karmic Law is said to operate in a cause and effect manner; everything that happens (the effect) has had a previous cause in a previous or current life. In numerology, karmic life lessons reflect qualities that one either lacks or has a weakness in; thus hindering one’s success in this life.

Karmic lessons may indicate experiences or obligations one avoided or escaped from in a previous life. These lessons now present themselves as barriers to success unless the individual makes a conscious effort to conquer them.

Calculate Karmic Missing Numbers in Name

To calculate the karmic missing numbers, one starts with the entire name given at birth. Any missing numbers in the birth name represent experiences the individual will meet and need to master during this lifetime.

The following chart adapted from Helping Yourself With Numerology by Helen Hitchcock can be used to transform letters to numbers:

  • 1: A, J, S
  • 2: B, K, T
  • 3: C, L, U
  • 4: D, M, V
  • 5: E, N, W
  • 6: F, O, X
  • 7: G, P, Y
  • 8: H, Q, Z
  • 9: I, R, &
  • 11 reduces to 2
  • 22 reduces to 4
  • 33 reduces to 6

Karmic Lessons Demonstrated by Missing Numbers

Following is a summary of traits excerpted from Helping Yourself With Numerology by Helen Hitchcock, demonstrating karmic lessons for missing numbers.

  • If the name has few or no ones, the individual lacked initiative, ambition, originality, and independence in a past life. The individual may dread making decisions or starting new things.
  • If the name has few or no twos, the individual lacked tact, diplomacy, and cooperation in the past. The individual may need to learn to work with others, acquire patience and attend to details.
  • If the name has few or no threes, the individual was unable to express himself in a former existence. The individual may lack imagination, demonstrate a quick temper and scattered thoughts.
  • If the name has few or no fours, the individual formerly disliked hard work, attending to details and being orderly. The individual may need to build a good foundation by patiently and slowly concentrating on the job and accepting no limitations.
  • If the name has few or no fives, the individual had a fear of facing change or anything new in a former life. The individual may lack curiosity and interest in others.
  • If the name has few or no sixes, the individual had an unwillingness to assume responsibility in the past. The individual may need to learn domestic responsibility and service to others.
  • If the name has few or no sevens, the individual formerly lacked understanding between material and spiritual. The individual may have a fear of faith. He may have a lack of technique, analysis and willingness to train the mind to examine conditions before jumping to conclusions.
  • If the name has few or no eights, the individual lacked the ability to handle business or other material affairs. The individual may need to learn the value of money, and also learn organizational and management abilities.
  • If the name has few or no nines, the individual lacked feeling and understanding in a previous life. The individual may need to learn generosity, sympathy, love, and interest in others.

According to Norman Shine and Felix Lyle, authors of The Instant Numerologist, the numbers in each person’s unique name describe energies that can be employed for specific purposes. Missing numbers point to areas of high tension in the name’s energy field. The individual’s lack of conscious control over these areas gives rise to volatile energy that is prone to sudden and inexplicable extremes, bursting into life one moment and disappearing from view the next.

It’s believed that one can remove barriers to success and redirect energies by fulfilling the karmic lesson through changed behaviors. Understanding the operation of Karmic law allows one to be the master of their own destiny and reap the rewards of their good deeds during the current lifetime.