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Numerology: How We Calculate Your Life Path Number?

The first thing to understand about the Life Path Number is that it is very similar to the sun sign in astrology. It’s just the basic overview of your personality and character traits. Don’t buy into the hype. If you want the bare-bones definition, that’s what it is. It tells us our nature of ourselves.

You find your life path number by using the sum of your birth date.

Begin by adding the day, month and year:

For example, my date of birth is 14/01/1979 so, 14+1+1979=1994.

Then, add that 4 digit number. 1+9+9+4=23. That may actually be the age I am going to start telling people I am. Reduce this number: 2+3= 5. And, calculations do not lie – 5’s are, in fact, awesome.

But wait!

Here’s where you may run into a snag. If you added that 4 digit number and came out with 11 or 22, you’re dealing with a Master Number. Some people hate Master Numbers and think they are nothing more than pretentious nonsense.


I’m okay with them.

28+10+1995= 1993

1+9+9+3= 22

As you can see, Mr. Gates is, in fact, a 22. Well, nobody accused him of being a pistol.

In terms of the Master Numbers, there is also some debate and controversy concerning the numbers 33, 44, 66, and 55. I don’t buy it, if you arrived at any of those numbers, take heart, I think you’re: 6, 3, and 1. However, again, if you want to know what those potential Master Numbers mean, I’ll cover that in my piece on Master Numbers.

A brief overview of the meaning behind the numbers

1: Competitive and goal setting, your ego sometimes causes you problems. However, your charisma can smooth away any issues that ego makes, if you allow it to do so.

2: Duality is the name of your game. You love the stability of relationships, right up until someone does you wrong- and then, you’ve got issues. You have an amazing appreciation for beauty and music.

3: You’re talented, no doubt. If you focus on those talents, you’d have no problem being successful. Problem is, it can be difficult for you to focus when you’re so intent on making every single detail absolutely perfect.

4: You can often be found running around like you’re a nature boy. Or girl. Or whatever the case may be. You’re a person who enjoys yourself fully, and loves nature, but you might encounter problems when seeking the perfect mate you want for life, and you want now.

5: You’re just awesome. And good looking, did I mention good looking? Fives are known for being gregarious, fun-loving people. Until they are hurt or down and then, it’s like plummeting into the darkest depths of “I have to be alone! Leave me!” Though they may lack tact, they are not afraid to speak out and can tell a great story.

6: A harder worker you aren’t likely to find. Extremely active, you prefer to have your fingers in just as many pies as you can or some other cliche that means you enjoy the diverse busy time. A 6 scorned in love, however, can lead to depression and a jaded heart.

7: Morrissey wrote about you: “So stay on my arm, you little charmer”- yes, you’re just that good. When you’re good, you’re good. However, when you’re bad? Being in an overly possessive relationship will have you feeling like a caged animal. Problem is, your definition of possessive may just mean that a person doesn’t really dig the same things you do and heaven forbid someone wants to go ice skating when you want to ride horses.

8: You’re a deep one, but most people can’t get past your surface charisma to see that. This can at times make you sad, and feeling misunderstood. You’ve got great ambition and drive, which will serve you well. Unfortunately, your mouth is just as smart as your mind and twice as sharp. Sarcasm is a language you speak far too well.

9: A nature-loving philosopher, you’ve got big plans and dreams, and unfortunately, if you don’t, you feel a bit of a hole you just can’t seem to fill. You might entertain passions in travel and the outdoors, family factors in, somewhere, but likely, if you’ve got one, you balance work and home fairly fluidly.

22: You’re walking the razor’s edge. There is something inherently powerful about you and you know it, if you’ve not found your place, it burns in your chest like too much tequila and a full plate of habaneros. You’re a visionary and you can do amazing things but, without the drive to move this monstrous ambition, you may find yourself feeling lost. Find a dream, a goal, grab it and run.

11: You could be a muse or the leader of a cult. Either way, you’ve got a silver tongue when you put your mind to it, and you can convince penguins to buy ice cubes. The biggest challenge you will face with your gifts, and also comes an almost self-abusive tendency towards inner critique. Be easier on yourself, be as forgiving as you have been of others but do it to the person in the mirror