Numerology: Master Number 88 Meaning

If you are not yet aware of what Master Numbers are, feel free to read our General Overview of Master Numbers. It will provide you with all the basic information you need to know about Master Numbers.

Essentially Master Numbers are double-digited numbers which consist of a repeating number that mirrors itself. The energies of that repeated number are thus amplified. The most common examples are: Master Number 11, Master Number 22, and Master Number 33. These are the three most well-known Master Numbers. However, they are not the only Master Numbers of importance. You may see other mirroring double-digit numbers, such as the subject of this article: Master Number 44.

What makes these numbers truly special, though, is the fact that they contain layers upon layers of meanings. In addition to the energies of the repeated number they are made of, they contain the energies of the number they reduce to.

When discussing Master Numbers, it is helpful to remember that the traits are always intensified. They manifest in more powerful/charged ways. Some numerologists may even describe them as being ‘extreme’. As you read through this article, it will be helpful for you to think of these numbers with this in mind.

For example: if the number 8 in numerology normally energetically represents being hardworking. When you think about this number in the context of it being part of a Master Number, heighten that energy. In a Master Number, these energies would translate to workaholism.

What does Master Number 88 mean?

Now let’s break down this Master Number: 8 + 8 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7

Number 8

The Number 8 is associated with the hard-working planet Saturn and is considered the number of good luck in certain cultures. It is an especially auspicious number that represents mastery, assets, discovery, hope, opportunities. Its energies are entrepreneurial, swift movement, self-empowered, and tends to maximize any opportunities it may have. Not afraid to start from scratch, the personality of this number is methodical and persistent. At the esoteric level, it is the symbol of infinity and balance as it can be continually divided into the same numbers. It is observant, wise, reasonable, and persistent yet also knows when to quit or leave a situation.

Number 88

Number 8 alone symbolizes infinity and balance. Its amplified version, Number 88, can be especially entrepreneurial. It carries 8 times the intuitive energies of Master Number 11 as well as 4 times the visionary and manifestation of Master Number 22. It is double the business-like, disciplined, persistent, and structured energies of Number 44. But make no mistake, Number 88 is far from shallow, materialistic, and only interested in the physical world. Number 88 reduces to 16 and then, finally, to 7—the most spiritual and introspective number. Any Number 88 endeavor is propelled by a higher spiritual purpose.

Number 16

At the Esoteric level, the Number 16 is a number of “hardening” in its energy. This is due to its layered association with the “inflexible” and structured Number 4 in numerology.

Number 7

In some ways, Number 7 is the opposite of Number 8. Where Number 8 is material-bound and driven outward to achieve and acquire, Number 7 does the exact opposite. Energy-wise, it is a very inward-focusing number. It is the number of contemplation, self-reflection, and introspection. It is usually associated with solitude. But most of all, the Number 7 is the most spiritual number as it is also about psychic development and transformation, as well as wisdom. When you see the number 7 in an Angel Number, for example, your Guardian Angels are trying to relay a message pertaining to spiritual awakening.

Master Number 88 Meanings

People born with birthdays or names that reduce to any of the Master Numbers usually experience heavy learning experiences in this lifetime. These challenging experiences may feel harsh and burdensome. This lifetime may be their opportunity to pay a large portion of their karmic debt. You are destined to be on a special track of a spiritual journey.

If you have Master Number 88 as a Core Number

Do you happen to have Master Number 88 in any of your Core Numbers (personal birth numerology)? Some examples of what would be considered “Core Numbers” are: your Life Path Number (the most important one to know), Expression Number, Soul Urge Number, Personality Number, Birthday Number, Heart’s Desires Number, Karmic Debt Number, or Psychic Number.

If this is the case, here are a few things you should know:

  • Like Master Number 66, you are driven by a sense of duty to create harmony in this world. But more so you are also very invested in creating justice and helping to make that a reality for those around you. Even though you may be a very business-oriented Master Number, you are also driven by your goal to make the world a fair place for all of those who live in it. This may translate to creating a business or a work environment where you can create livelihoods for your community. Whatever the case may be, there is always a spiritual element as your motivation for doing anything, even the most mundane and earthly acts.
  • People who are born with Master Number 88 are even more driven and dynamic than those who were born with Master Number 44. But just like Master Number 44, Master Number 88 builds upon a solid foundation and structure. Similarly, they are also extremely disciplined and know how to take an opportunity and make the best out of it. Likewise, they are also very hard working. The good thing about Master Number 88, is that it is a more evolved version of Master Number 44. Whereas Master Number 44 must learn to not get caught up in materialism, Master Number 88 reduces to Number 7. Number 7, as we know, is the most spiritual number in numerology. Therefore, those with Master Number 88 as their Life Path Number or other Core Numbers, may be driven to succeed in business and career, but the motivation behind it is always a spiritual, higher purpose. This is not to say that Master Number 88 is immune to materialism and being overly fixated with worldly matters, but it is innately connected to a higher purpose.
  • In love, you are extremely loyal. Those who are born with Master Number 88 expect their partners to be their one and only for eternity. Again, in this area of life, Master Number 88 is also a more evolved version of Master Number 44. Where Master Number 44 can be a little bit possessive and clingy, Master Number 88 is more trusting and gives more freedom toward their partners.
  • When an individual is born with a Master Number, it is a sign that they are an old soul. At the same time, have the potential to learn great lessons during this lifetime. Since you are such an old soul with experiences through multiple lifetimes, your Spirit Guides might consider you ready to learn some of the harder lessons in life. Master Number 88 is no different. You came here on Earth with a higher purpose. When it comes to Master Number 88, your life’s purpose may include teaching others how to have healthy relationships with money, abundance, wealth, and socio-economic issues. Of course, this will come after you have learned these lessons for yourself. Because Master Number 88 reduces to Number 7, you will be a teacher that leads through example. So be open to sharing with others. You have no idea who you might help through your example, be at your successes, or through your mistakes.
  • You are an excellent judge of character and you are able to see both sides of an argument. Your objectivity can be a great asset in a polarised world.

Life Challenges & The Shadow Side of Master Number 88

Here are a few things that you should be aware of within you if you are a Master Number 88:

  • Because Master Number 88 is an upgraded version of Master Number 44, it has double the discipline, double the structure, and double the stability. Although it may sound like nothing could go wrong with this scenario, the amplified energies of Master Number 44 within 88 can translate to extreme inflexibility, defensiveness, and fear-driven lack of movement. People born into Master Number 88’s energy may have a tendency to be paralyzed by fear of what could go wrong. Thankfully, once they do start and get the ball rolling, they are highly likely to achieve success as these people are very good at taking an opportunity and making the best out of it.
  • The energies of 44 and 88 are quite the opposite from Number 7, which Master Number 88 reduces to. Number 7 has a tendency to be distracted, get caught into conflict due to the fact that they are an odd number, become too idealistic, and do not enjoy socializing.

What should you do when you encounter Angel Number 88 in your life?

  1. Cultivate the positive traits and potential that come with Master Number 88 (as well as number 7 and 16). Harness the energies of Master Number 88 to manifest your life’s goals.
  2. You can meditate or pray with a focus on these vibrations. These numbers do contain vibrations our Angels and Guides send our way. Make sure you accept their guidance.
  3. Use the positive messages you’ve learned as your affirmations.
  4. Avoid the shadow sides of Master Number 88.

Best of luck in your journey through your Life Path.