An Introduction to Numerology: The Study Of Numbers

Today we are shocked by a lot of things. Modern man is faced with a wave of difficulties, challenges, obstacles, and change. Everywhere we go, from the moment we open our eyes, we are bombarded with an endless list of events and activities that leave us unaware of what lies ahead, of where we are going, and if we are taking the right path.

A faceless future stares at us from the moment we let loose of the unchanging indicators rounding our very inner beings – numbers. Whatever it is that we do, wherever we may go, everything is quantifiable, everything is measured, everywhere there are numbers!

Numerology, or literally, “the study of numbers,” has its roots in the ancient times when Greek philosophers and pioneering mathematicians like Thales and Pythagoras, discovered the unchanging and predictive nature of numbers. Similar observations with the heavenly bodies – the stars, the moon and the planets – adopt the same basic assumption that our actions, the environment, and our world are governed with an absolute and universal law.

Even life, despite being seemingly personal and “free,” is bound by the same laws of nature.

Unchanging and predictive – these are the characteristics that make Numerology important in the lives of its many believers, practitioners, and recent converts. Precise and accurate, it never fails to amaze people of how their names and birthdates tell a lot of things about themselves. People not only rely on Numerology to find out about the things they deny in themselves or to clarify their thoughts about themselves, the people around them, and the world they live in; people also rely on it for guidance. After all, if you know yourself, you’ll get to know where you’d wanna go.

Numerology offers its readers a chance to get to know the numerical mechanism of life. Thus, every person is a combination of certain numbers, from 0 to 9, and even 11 and 22, depending on the “number” being looked upon. Each number has its own characteristics that people who have them enjoy.